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Account receivables invoices financed and paid.

The IPS Advantage

Cash flow on-demand

Access your invoice funds within 8 business hours and stop waiting on lengthy invoice terms.

Built-in receivables administration

Reduce your back-office costs by letting us take over invoice follow-up. No custom software to purchase and staffing flexibility are some of the benefits.

Credit risk management

Control your exposure with our proprietary database on payment speed and collections effectiveness on thousands of Canadian and U.S. payers.

High approval rate

Take advantage of a flexible financing option without the stringent qualification criteria of bank loans. We want to work with you.

No-debt financing

Leverage your invoice receivable assets by converting idle invoices into instant working capital without adding debt to your balance sheet.

Flexible funding

Accelerate your cash inflows as much or as little as you like. You are in charge of which invoices to finance.

Financial confidence

Take comfort in knowing you have the funds to make payroll, rent, or utilities, as well as enjoy the benefit of no returned cheques or bounced payments staining your reputation.

Minimized opportunity cost

Put money back into your business vs. waiting for up to 90 days in what is essentially an interest-free loan for your customers. Unlocked funds can be put to work right away.

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