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Invoice Deposit

When and how can I deposit my invoices?

IPS offers several convenient invoice deposit options:

Can I fax my invoices to IPS Invoice Payment System?

Yes, most documents can be submitted by fax, but if you are in the trucking industry, we require some original documents, such as the signed Bill of Lading (i.e. P.O.D.) and other related documents.

Can IPS Invoice Payment System pick up my invoices from my office?

For clients located in the GTA, we are proud to be the only provider of a FREE of charge invoice pick-up service in the industry, IPS Dedicated Deposit Box.

Am I obligated to deposit ALL of my invoices?

No, you have the choice of depositing as many or as few invoices as you like, as needed.

Can IPS Invoice Payment System manage deposits in foreign currencies?

Yes, we finance and manage invoices in both Canadian and U.S. funds.

Can you finance already outstanding invoices?

No, we only finance current invoices that have not been mailed out to your customers.

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