"Providing Liquidity so you can focus on what matters"


Liquidity is the Foundation to Your Success

Contractors and sub-contractors in the construction industry know all too well that you can’t start the next phase of a current project or put the hammer to the nail on a new one until the balance of your receivables roll in.

That said, most of your clients either have extended payment terms or make partial payments as the work is completed. The waiting game between billing and payment dates often equates to lost wages and missed opportunities, when there isn’t adequate cash flow to cover off insurance, wages, materials and equipment.

We Manage Billings for the Construction Industry

Relying on your tied up receivables should not hold you back from your everyday business responsibilities. IPS manages your billings, so you can focus on new projects and opportunities.

Liquidity Helps You Keep Up with Current Construction Projects and Take on New Ones by:

Want to Learn More?

Let’s chat about how we can help you convert your invoices into income-generating assets. Give us a call at 1-888-503-4528 or drop us a line anytime at to discuss more.

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