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"A partnership that grows with you."
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IPS vs. Factoring Industry

Factoring is everywhere but the industry itself is discredited and misunderstood -- whether for lack of transparency, no regulation, or misleading advertising. IPS is different because we offer invoice financing without factoring conditions.

Funding within 8 business hours ×
One-page application ×
No PPSA before approval ×
Same-day approval ×
No binding contract ×
No underwriting fee ×
No buyout fee ×
No tier system fee ×
No General Security Agreement ×
No minimum requirement ×
No maximum limit ×
Full advance ×
No fee for credit checks ×
No lockbox fee ×
No misdirected fee ×
Partial release option ×
Electronic deposit for clients ×
Electronic payment for payers ×
No penalty for termination ×

Recourse vs. Non-recourse Financing

The concept of non-recourse comes up often in finance. It seeks to reassure invoice financing clients that even if a customer fails to pay an invoice, the finance company assumes the risk.

Sounds great, right?

Well, non-recourse comes with many conditions and restrictions and applies to very few situations. This is why we choose the simplicity and transparency of recourse financing.

What this means for you:

Invoice payment form with overlaid checkmark icon indicating recourse qualification

No misleading fine print or guessing which invoices qualify for non-recourse

Stacked invoices with overlaid plus and negative symbols to indicate no limitations

Flexibility as to which invoices you want to finance with no limits on the volume

Handshake icon

Respectful and hassle-free relationship between your customers and IPS

What do we get with IPS that we cannot get with other factoring companies?

Providing our clients with a transparent and seamless service is our goal. Reach out today to see if our 8-hour invoice payment solution is right for your business.

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