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"Tackle challenges of the long open road with our 8 hour promise* and the IPS Trucking Centre."
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IPS Trucking Centre*

IPS Invoice Payment System knows the trucking industry. Whether you own the tractors, use owner operators, have haul containers, run flat beds or refrigerated trailers, we can help you grow your business and reach maximum profitability. We have extensive experience in your industry and are prepared to work as your partner. Most significantly, we know how important it is for your business to be paid on time, which is why we pay within 8 business hours.


Cost Per Mile Calculator


Do you know your CPM cost? Use our CPM Calculator to estimate a pricing guideline that will ensure you are both competitive and profitable.

The IPS Cost per Mile (CPM) is a tool that allows carriers/owner-operators to estimate a critical number. CPM allows you to get a pricing guideline and helps you turn a profit by targeting an approximate minimum gross revenue.

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Sales Tracker


Are software fees out of reach? Try our Sales Tracker, a tool that doubles as entry level dispatch and tracker of sales.

The IPS Sales Tracker allows you to do basic dispatching as well as helps you set sales targets and visually track your progress against those targets. The main idea behind the sales tracker is to provide carriers with real-time view of sales.

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Cash Tracker


Can you identify cash shortages before it is too late to act on them? Try our Cash Tracker today because in business cash is king.

The IPS Cash Tracker is a custom-made tool designed to help carriers track their cash ins and cash outs, identify months with low or negative cash balances, as well as uncover opportunities to fix the anomaly.

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Are you an Ontario-based operator who is taking the CVOR test? If so, check out our condensed, 140-page handbook!


The goal of the CVOR system is to track and improve carrier safety for all road users. As specialists in the trucking field, we have put together several resources to assist you with test preparation.

Disclaimer: Any CVOR resources to be followed as a guideline and not official test preparation. Invoice Payment System Corporation does not assume responsibility for actual test results.

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